Marilyn Tryptich


When I was in elementary school I was exposed to art and music often. It was in the curriculum in my school, fundamental to it I thought. It seemed normal to me to have art class every day and it was many years before I realized how lucky I was. I grew to focus more on music than fine art from High School until I settled in Bend, OR in 1997. I found myself drawn towards fine art again as my circle of friends included many inspiring artists that helped steer my creative energy towards painting.

Today, I continue to be drawn to the hand and eye world of painting. As a balance to my increasingly digital life, I’ve grown to find painting the creative path that adds an undeniably analog layer to my existence.

My painting studio is in Burlington’s South End Arts District amongst a set of old buildings filled with creative studios and cottage businesses… Our landlord calls the place “The Incubator.” I do open my studio to the public at various times and during events.



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